St Johns 2014
I’m Jozette and I’m so happy that you’re here to visit Healthy in a Hotel.  The purpose of this blog is to give tips and tricks for staying healthy while traveling, whether for an occasional fun trip or all the time for business.  I’ll show you how to keep up with your healthy habits when you’re away from home, which I know can be extremely difficult! I’ll help you identify the challenges and think through ways to overcome them.  My personal goal is to stay healthy during all the not so fun travel so I’m able to do amazing things when I travel for fun.  I’ll take you along with me for both kinds of trips!
I am employed by a company in Minneapolis, MN working full time as a consultant traveling across the country providing different services. It is rare that I travel to the same location week to week making it more difficult to create routines and patterns.  I found some great ways to stay healthy despite these services and I started this blog in order to share my ideas with all of you! I’ll also test out some new and crazy travel products or ideas for you to let you know if they’re worth it.
For reference, here are my preferred travel providers.  With my company I am able to book my own travel so I can select my own vendors and book directly with their sites.
Airline – Delta
Being based out of Minneapolis, a Delta hub, this is an easy choice for me. I can fly direct to about 75% of the locations I visit, which is a real plus.  I am currently enjoying my second year as a Platinum Medallion member (I just can’t seem to reach that Diamond level – dang!).
Hotel – Hilton
For work I need to travel to a mix of both small towns and larger cities.  A Hilton property can be found near almost every city I visit.  With very few exceptions their properties are always clean, convenient and full of amenities to make my travel easier.
Rental Car – National or Enterprise
We are required to rent from either National or Enterprise for work.  Both are great rental companies and can be found at most airports across the country.